Open-cell ceiling with integrated luminaire

PYTHA  is a multidirectional louvre comprising equilateral triangles, offering many decorative combination options. Depending on angle of view and on prevailing lighting conditions, a different ceiling impression can be obtained each time you look at it, extending across a broad range of diverse visual effects. The luminaire PYTHA-LIGHT C150 is also triangular, and can be integrated perfectly in the open-cell ceiling. 

  • Homogeneous ceiling image
  • Suitable for covering the ceiling void
  • Integrated carrier

Technical Information


Width x Height: 9 x 40 mm
Step: 86 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm (other spacings on demand)
Fields: 1385.64 x 600 mm (0.83 m²/ module)

Material and surface

 Anodised aluminium (standard). White, black, RAL 9006. Other colours on request.


Noise absorption: in conjunction with broad-band absorber dur-SONIC TUBE (αw=0.80; NRC=  up to 0.75 is possible)