Project of the month January 2015
Hyundai Flagship-Store, Frankfurt [DE]
Photos: Anastasia Hermann
Hyundai Flagship-Store, Frankfurt [DE]
Winter 2014
Architekturbüro Arno Wagner | Jena [DE]
General Contractor
Hyundai Motor Deutschland
Innocean Worldwide Europe GmbH

FLUID®-O – the creative metal ceiling
410 m2 Ceiling consisting out of main element by four freeform shaped single elements [Outer dimension 1.600 × 800 mm] such as half and quarter part elements in bronze colour. Sub-ceiling in S1 clip-in tile system [600 × 600 mm], surface black, perforation picopoint 

Technic panels
33 panel-shaped raft ceilings [3.000 × 300 mm] for installation of lighting, colour brown metallic matt

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Hyundai is setting a milestone with its europewide largest flagship store in Frankfurt. Since the end of last year, the modern building presents itself to the public in its new corporate design. It reflects the focus on the emotional experience of visitors: new materials and construction shapes mirror dynamics and the innovation spirit of the car manufacturer, making the brand a living experience. Characteristic for the interior is the metal ceiling by durlum which is curved to all sides and allows an entirely new ceiling narrative.

Durlum developed and manufactured the FLUID®-O metal ceiling to match the corporate design of Hyundai. The flowing shapes in warm bronze tones welcome visitors in the main lobby of the showroom and remind of skies in motion. In contrast to conventional metal ceilings, the freely moving elements resemble a puzzle, so that the 8mm join acts as a conscious design element.

The innovative, two-part design of the ceiling allows optimal integration of lighting and acoustic functions. A black S1 clip-in tile system serves as sub-ceiling and meets acoustic requirements as well as lighting installation needs. The FLUID® ceiling elements are attached to this. The intelligent system with only few different construction components − full, half and quarter components − thus creates a highly individual ceiling narrative. This is complemented harmoniously in the rear showroom area by 33 panel-shaped raft ceilings made by durlum.

The outer facade picks up on the flowing shape of the ceiling and makes for an unmistakable eye-catcher from afar. The conversion of the existing building in Frankfurt has resulted in an impressive array of showrooms and functional areas, presenting the car manufacturer in a modern manner and one in which customers enjoy their stay.

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