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Restaurant George, Zurich [CH]
Fotos: Restaurant George
Restaurant George, Zurich [CH]
Spring 2014
Jasmin Grego & Stephanie Kühnle Architektur GmbH | Zurich [CH]

LOOP® Typ 1 elegant open metal ceiling
with in rows offset round openings made of 2mm thick aluminium in golden brown [approx. 270m2]

Roomsystem S4 suspension/hook-in system
made of steel in different module sizes in golden brown; with and without RD-L51 perforation [approx. 220 m2]

open and decorative open-ceiling system designed as a intersection from LOOP® to S4 [approx.15m2]

PUNTEO®-J80 LED integrated downlight
with gold re ectors, dimmable[approx. 180 pieces]

LED chandelier 
elliptical customized arc lamps in LeD, consisting of 5 elements; pro le dimensions W/H: approx. 60×80mm with acrylic glass cover opal matt equipment: LeD warm white 2700K, DALI dimmable [total dimension approx.10,180mm×4,370mm]

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Overlooking the roofs of Zurich in the Haus Ober, diners in the Restaurant George are treated to a very special atmosphere indeed. Under the motto "Just like home", the two architects Jasmin Grego and Stephanie Kühnle created a "living room" in the gentleman's style of the early 60's.

The 500 square metres of the open designed restaurant are divided into separate areas using furnishings and ceiling designs, similar to a loft apartment. Matching to the living areas, the designer ceiling LOOP® and its characteristic curved shapes alternates with the space system S4 with modern round perforations, both by durlum. Luxurious PUNTEO®-J80 LED downlights with golden reflectors add a stylish note. The dark metal ceilings and the golden downlights fit seamlessly into "George's" loft, the fictitious eponym and host. They were selected and matched with great attention to detail by the architects, as were the books in the apartment's own library.

The centre of the living room features an impressive oval bar of dark wood. This is crowned by an LED chandelier specially designed by durlum, a veritable eye-catcher which highlights the noble wines and spirits. The slim lines and interlaced elements of the ten metre large chandelier combine the 60's style with state-of-the-art LED technology. Depending on the occasion, the chandelier can be dimmed to the desired lighting effect to create a suitable atmosphere at all times.

The sophisticated and yet functional durlum ceiling and lighting solutions underline the unique concept of this restaurant and lend "George's" loft a "feel-good" flair of its own.

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