The durlum GROUP

The company of durlum GmbH was founded in the Black Forest back in 1967. Over the following years and decades, other companies were acquired. In 2008, durlum Group GmbH was founded as a holding for the affiliated companies. The Group is divided into three main areas of activity, combining a total of eleven subsidiaries.


The first pillar of durlum Group GmbH is the CEILING LIGHTING AMBIENCE division. This main area of activity combines nine companies in Europe and Asia.

  • durlum GmbH | Schopfheim u. Bexbach [DE]
  • Georg Haag AG | Beromünster [CH]
  • durlum AG | Geroldswil [CH]
  • durlum Nederland B.V. | Amsterdam [NL]
  • durlum A.Ş. | Istanbul [TR]
  • durlumen S.A. | Vesoul [FR]
  • ZI Austria GmbH | Innsbruck [AT]
  • durlum Asia Ltd. | Hongkong u. Singapur [CN]
  • durlum India Pvt. Ltd. | Gurgaon-Haryana [IN]


ZI Jena GmbH is involved in the METAL PROCESSING area of our business. The plant for precision sheet metal technology was founded in 1991.

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HUCO NOTLICHT AG in the Swiss town of Münchwilen was acquired by the durlum Group back in 1999. At that time, it traded as HUCO AG. This company manufactures emergency and safety lighting.

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