dur-SONIC TUBE broad-band absorber

Broad-band absorber for rooms with a high noise level

dur-SONICTUBE is used to improve the acoustics in rooms with open ceiling systems. As a broad-band absorber it is suitable for rooms with a high noise level, such as canteens or open-plan offices.  The absorber improves room acoustics in all frequency ranges by reducing resonance times and, depending on installation density, it can achieve NRC values of up to 0.95. 

  • Compact shape
  • Installation concealed in ceiling void

Technical Information


L: 400 mm | 600 mm | 800 mm
T: 200 mm
Weight: approx. 4.5 kg/linear metre

Material and surface

Galvanised steel plate: standard powder coating, black (similar to RAL 9011), other RAL colours on request

Acoustics and fire behaviour

Sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0.80 with installation density of 1.67 linear metre/m²
Fire behaviour: A2-s1.dO to EN13501-01 (non-combustible)


dur-SONIC TUBE broadband absorber