October 2011
FORUM City | Mülheim
Photos: durlum GmbH
FORUM City | Mülheim
RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky Architekten | Düsseldorf
Lighting Planner
Sekles Planungsbüro | Berlin
  • dur-SOLO split level perforated RD-L30 raft ceiling including integral lighting channel, in the lower level continuous raft and individual rafts in the upper section [thickness = 1 mm, with recessed suspension profile]
  • Bespoke lighting channel with T5-fluorescent lamps and opal cover [w = 200 mm | h = 200 mm]
  • Metal halide lamp, narrow beam, with HCI lamps [70 W]
  • TANGENTA®-Q18, mounted on the back of the continuous raft, illuminate the dur-SOLO individual rafts in the upper section


  • dur-SOLO raft ceiling: approx. 1440 m2
  • Lighting channel: approx 240 m
  • Metal halide lamp: approx. 160 pieces
  • TANGENTA®-Q18: approx. 240 m