December 2011
Municipal Hall, Schopfheim

Municipal Hall, Schopfheim

Municipal Hall, Schopfheim
Lighting Planner
durlum GmbH in cooperation with City Schopfheim

The entire lighting system of the municipal hall in Schopfheim is equipped with new LED lighting technology from durlum. PUNTEO®-P155 downlights and OMEGA 82 wallwashers are installed in the main hall. In addition, durlum provided its OMEGA 76 lighting channels for the foyer and its PUNTEO®-J downlights for the restaurant. A digital BUS-System controls the LED-installation addressing each luminary individually.


Lighting channel OMEGA 76 [approx. 120 running meters]
Wallwasher OMEGA 82 [25 pieces] 
PUNTEO®-J [30 pieces]
PUNTEO®-155 [140 pieces]