dur-SONIC QUAD panel resonator

Panel resonator for the low-frequency range

dur-SONIC QUAD is particularly effective in the low-frequency range and the panel resonator is ideally suited to use in spaces where intensive communication takes place, such as classrooms or conference rooms. In combination with absorbers that act in the medium and high frequency ranges, such as carpets and suspended ceilings, this resonator provides the finishing touch to acoustic effectiveness. 

  • Individual structuring is possible
  • Can be used as a projection wall
  • Mounted directly on the wall or at a distance from the wall

Technical Information


LxW: 800x800 mm | 1200x1100 mm | 1800x800 mm
D: 120 mm
Weight: approx. 25 kg/m²

Material and surface

Galvanised steel sheet: powder-coated

Acoustics and perforation

Sound absorption coefficient: αw = 0.45 (LM)
Perforation of side flanks: Qg L17


Powder-coated cut sections, also printable with motifs and textures