Quality Management

durlum products satisfy the most stringent of quality standards. The use of truly excellent materials, compliance with a wide range of directives and great durability all combine to deliver convincing result.

TÜV certificates

durlum has established and applies an Energy, Quality and Environmental Management System for the following scope of application: planning, development, manufacturing and sales of metal ceilings, functional ceilings, luminaries, lighting and daylight systems. Performance of audits has furnished proof that the requirements under: ISO 50001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

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TAIM E.V. certificates

By means of the audit report of 2018-10-04, evidence was provided that the selected quality criteria of the TAIM certification council are taken into consideration. durlum meets the quality requirements of TAIM e.V. regarding production processes of metal ceiling systems (also manufactured as heating/cooling ceiling systems) and is therefore entitled to be member of the federation.

> Certificate regarding production processes of metal ceiling systems
> Environmental product declaration following ISO 14025 and EN 15804

Certificate of being non-hazardous with regard to inhalation toxicity

The metal ceilings from durlum are certified by Energie- und Prozesstechnik Aachen GmbH as being non-hazardous with regard to the inhalation toxicity and therefore do not pose a health risk in the event of fire.

> Aluminium: Certificate of being non-hazardous with regard to the inhalation toxicity
> Steel: Certificate of being non-hazardous with regard to the inhalation toxicity

IBMB MPA – Certificate of constancy of performance

This certificate confirms that durlum has complied with all provisions for the assessment and verification of constancy of performance. The certificate is valid for our metal ceilings with DEFEO, DEFEO-Plus and DEFEO-sf.

>  Certificates of constancy of performance

INTERSEROH – climate protection certificate

Interseroh's resources SAVED certificate reflects durlum's contribution to climate protection. Valuable raw materials are being recovered, natural resources are being saved and the climate has been protected.

> Climate protection certificate
> Interseroh registration manufacturer number

VDE-certificate - Approved Place of Manufacture

durlum fulfilled the requirements of factory inspection procedure and harmonized requirements. This surveillance of the factory was performed according to the European Factory Inspection Procedure based on the following documents: ECS/CIG 021 - 024: 2014.

> VDE-certificate

National register for waste electric equipment

durlum is registered in 'The national register for waste electric equipment' (stiftung ear). It was founded by producers as their Clearing House (Gemeinsame Stelle) for the purposes of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG).

> EAR registration