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Government authority for social security insurance, Kuwait [KW]

Kuwait Public Institute for Social Security

Photos: © Mustafa Khumanpur [KW]
Government authority for social security insurance, Kuwait [KW]
October 2015
Lighting Planner
Bartenbach GmbH | Aldrans [AT]

Custom-made integrated floor irradiators, 250 mm diameter; 12 x 2 W; tapered glass structure for targeted direction of lighting; full RGB spectrum selectable; DMX can be activated; IP65 [591 units]

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From desert state to financially powerful nation. Over the last few decades, the Emirate of Kuwait has undergone development at a very rapid pace. Obtaining wealth primarily from its crude oil and natural gas reserves, Kuwait has set itself the target of becoming a leading force in other disciplines as well. The government authority in charge of social security insurance is based in Kuwait City, home to about 98% of the population. It is thanks to this government body that many citizens of Kuwait have social security cover. The main administration building for this authority, constructed in 2004, has now had a lighting system installed to mark its 10th anniversary. This showcases the 24-storey highrise building in an intelligent and visually fascinating manner.

591 of the facade irradiators designed specifically for this project light up the outside of the building very brightly. The tapered, asymmetrical shape of the glass structure directs the light from reflectors straight at wall projections through the windows on one side, while also illuminating the entire surface of the balcony ceilings, creating various visual highlights and activation scenarios on the facade of the building. However, there is yet another reason for the unusual shape of the glass cover: when sand is carried in during turbulent storms, it does not remain lying on the covers but instead slips down their sloping shapes. These integrated irradiators are covered by protection class 65 against the ingress of sand, dust or water into their interiors, and they can contend with temperatures of up to 70°C. Designed with DMX activation, the electronics on this irradiators are very resistant to malfunctions. This makes them ideally suited to the extreme climatic conditions of this desert region. However, the irradiators do more than convince on the strength of their resistance to environmental factors: The LEDs are designed to enable every conceivable colour of the RGB colour spectrum to be generated. This means that the building can, for example, radiate the colours of the Kuwaiti flag, as these photos illustrate.

However, there is also an infinite range of other colour combinations or single colour installations available. The extremely uniform distribution of the 12 LEDs in each of these irradiators guarantees harmonious and at the same time carefully targeted illumination. Thanks to the impressive lighting installation on the facade of this building, the government authority for social security insurance is one of the most striking landmarks on the skyline of Kuwait City

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