DIAMOND TUBE daylight system

Daylight redirection via highly reflective triangular elements

The DIAMOND TUBE daylight system does not need to be regulated with blinds etc., but still brings a lively dynamic into the room. Consisting of numerous isosceles triangular elements in highly reflective aluminium, it effectively directs incoming daylight into the room.

  • When the sun shines, subtle plays of light are created on the floor and walls. The resulting spots of light change with the course of the day and the position of the sun.
  • When it is dark, the DIAMOND TUBE can be illuminated by artificial light.

Technical Information


Diameter: approx. 2000-6000mm
Height: approx. 2000-6000mm (for optimum daylight redirection, the height is equal to the diameter)

Material and surface

Highly reflective aluminium in DUROPLAN A060


DIAMOND TUBE daylight system