Human Centric Lighting – Lighting solutions viewed as a whole

Decades ago, it was established just how important light is for human-beings, and intensive research has been conducted into this subject. For one thing, the human brain is influenced by visual perception, with viewed elements being compared against and sorted together with memories. Then there is circadian perception, responsible for the arrangement of time - the 'inner ear'.

Human Centric Lighting incorporates both components and views lighting solutions and illumination as a holistic concept, one that involves visual, emotional and biological action as well as circadian perception. This involves adapting the strength of illumination and colour temperature to suit the progression of natural daylight and the seasons.

Lighting control systems control the characteristics of light colours, and adapt the intensity of illumination. Sensors measure exposure to daylight and control the luminaires in response to this - enhancing people's powers of concentration and sense of well-being.