BUBBLE design ceiling with convex shapes

Elegant metal ceiling for various applications

Characteristic for this elegant metal ceiling are its typical convex shapes which give the ceiling a three-dimensional look and provide a wide range of design options. BUBBLE can also be used as a cooling ceiling and adapted to various acoustic requirements.

  • Ceiling pattern appears endless due to the s-shaped elements.
  • The elements can be hinged individually via torsion springs.
  • Spot lighting can be integrated almost invisible.

Technical Information


Panel size: 1124.23 x 1004.25 mm
Module size: 1115.44 x 966 mm
Joint width: 2 mm

Material and surface

Galvanised sheet steel or aluminium: 0.7-1.0 mm thick. Powder-coated in any desired RAL color

Acoustics and perforation

BUBBLE can be perforated. Standard perforations: RV-L6, RG-L15, RD-L30
Sound absorption: as standard with black acoustic fleece

Protective right

Australian Registered Design 202114106 and 202114107


BUBBLE design ceiling

Installation Videos

Each ceiling element can be folded down quickly and without tools.

Quick and easy integration of our LED-spot PUNTEO-J60 using the BUBBLE adapter.