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University of Toronto Mississauga [CA]

University of Toronto Mississauga

Photos : © Lisa Whitelaw Photography
University of Toronto Mississauga [CA]
January 2020
Moriyama & Teshima Architects

POLYLAM vertical baffle ceiling
Special profile for integrated linear lighting; various lengths; width: 62 mm; height: 400 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9016; perforated in RV-L6 and backed with acoustic fleece; blind cover with a wood finish; surface area: approx. 560 m²

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Mississauga, lying about 30 kilometres to the West of Toronto, is home to the second largest location of the University of Toronto. This picturesque campus was built on the 225-hectare green zone along the banks of the Credit River and is the academic home to more than 14,000 students.

One of the oldest buildings at the university is the William G. Davis Building [South Building]. Constructed in 1974 it houses the services for students and visitors.

In a comprehensive renovation project, the building gained an open, new meeting point with seating, new dining facilities and foyer areas. To assist in this transformation, durlum supplied its POLYLAM vertical baffle system as a special profile for the integration of linear luminaires. The ingenious arrangement of the baffles results in a triangular design that imbues the ceiling with an open character and that uses skylights to deliver daylight. In places where no linear lighting is integrated in the vertical baffles, a blind cover with a wood finish sets a colourful counterpoint, highlighting the triangular design to advantage.

These redesigned spaces combine design and function, invite people to linger a while in a shared learning environment.

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