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Office building Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg [LU]
Photos: © Steve Troes, Luxembourg
Office building Arendt & Medernach, Luxembourg [LU]
November 2015
Interior designer

POLYLAM® vertical baffles 
made out of galvanised, anodised 0,6 mm sheet steel; in different lengths from 930 to 2,930 mm, width: 30 mm, height: 250 mm; with trapezoid-shaped tail ends; printed with Duroplan® W201; completely perforated; padded with black acoustic fleece and cooling meanders [approx. 7,200 lm] 

dur-SOLO® TYPE 1 raft ceiling 
made out of galvanised, anodised 0,7 mm sheet steel; in different formats 1,600-2,000 × 850-1,000 mm [L × W] rectangular and trapezoid-shaped; hole pattern RG L15 perforated; powder-coated in RAL 9003 matt and padded with black acoustic fleece; suspended from the bare ceiling using threaded rods [178 m²] 

Linear ceiling panels FS 4.2 Lay-on/hook-on system
made out of galvanised, anodised 0,7 mm sheet steel; in different formats 580-2,460 × 327-1,000 mm [L × W], height 30 mm; powder-coated in RAL

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Modern arts is the passion of the worldwide installed lawyer's office Arendt and Medernach. One may see it by looking at the rooms of the five-storey head office of the Luxembourgian group, which construction was completed on the end of 2015. The Swiss architects Diener und Diener created offices, recreation and meeting rooms, corridors and halls, that the employees constantly supply with creative impulses. Ceiling elements by durlum fit perfectly into the high-quality interior décor.

Different brown tones determine the colours in the rooms. This scheme is also followed by the vertical baffle system POLYLAM®, which hangs down from the false ceiling over the workplaces. One must look exactly to detect that the supposed wood rafters actually are 0,6 mm-steel sheets printed with a walnut print that has been made especially for this project. To make the wood rafter illusion look even more perfect, the tail ends of the ceiling elements are trapezoid-shaped. Equipped with acoustic fleece and cooling meanders, the POLYLAM® vertical baffles don't only improve the room acoustic, they also contribute to an agreeable climate. The sound quality in the meeting rooms is optimized by the dur-SOLO® raft ceilings, that are also equipped with acoustic fleece. White-coated, they create a colour contrast with the dark ceiling and make the room look higher.

Discreet and still an eye-catcher, the FS 4.2 linear ceiling panels have been integrated force-fitted in the bare ceiling of the office structure. Coated with classic white and tasteful grey-beige, they guide employees and clients through the floors and corridors of Arendt and Medernach.

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