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Banco Popular, Madrid [ES]
Photos: © Javier Ortega
Banco Popular, Madrid [ES]
August 2017
Ayala Architectos SLP/Madrid [ES]

RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling in system S5.7 KS-BR made in various formats; main format L x W 2310 mm x 1295 mm; mesh size: 28 x 12 x 2.5 x 1.5 mm; colour similar to RAL 9010 matt [approx. 2500 m²]

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Banco Popular, now owned by the Santander Group, was one of Spain's leading banks. To this day, its head office in Madrid is an important modern building characterized by a timelessly generous and light-permeated design. Large expanded metal ceilings from durlum ingeniously present this design to optimum effect and merge seamlessly into this interior space.

The entrance to the building that comprises four individual structures takes the form of a twostorey gallery. Its glass frontage makes it look and feel exceptionally bright. This brightness is further enhanced by the white powder-coated expanded metal ceiling. The ceiling panels, each measuring up to three square meters, are held in place by a welded frame. Despite the substantial size of these elements and the resultant weight, the slack span is reduced to a minimum by our manufacturing process. Renovation work to the sub-ceiling are not a problem with the RHOMBOS expanded metal ceilings. The individual panels can be folded to angles of 90° using a latch-and-pin hinge system.

Room dividers can be installed at any time on the premises quickly and easily. Where required, these partition walls can be secured to the parallel strip template beams on the expanded metal ceiling.

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