Project of the month September 2021
Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw [PL]

Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw

Wojciech Krokowski
Browary Warszawskie, Warsaw [PL]
November 2020
JEMS Architekci sp. z o.o.

LIVA multidirectional open-cell ceiling
Ground floor and outside area: Colour: champagne; height: 100 mm, 200 mm; width: 98 mm; grid spacing: 100 mm [approx. 750 m²]

1st to 7th floors: Colour: white; height 100 mm; width: 98 mm; grid spacing: 100 mm [approx. 750 m²]

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When the Haberbusch & Schiele brewery was founded in the Warsaw district of Wola 175 years ago, it did not take long for it to become one of the most significant breweries in Europe. However, the destructive rage of World War Two also consumed the brewery and it became lost and forgotten. A few years ago, that was all set to change when an investment company decided to create a place on the former brewery site, with new residential property, office premises, urban spaces, restaurants, cafés and shops, reflecting the unique character of the district, vibrant with new life.

The architecture skilfully reflects the historical identity of this site and, with a great love of detail, transports it into the modern era. For example, with a reference to the barrel ceiling of the old brewery, our LIVA open-cell ceiling was used to create a curved ceiling in the outside area of a new office building. This was achieved using a specially developed substructure. In a derivative form, this convex open-cell ceiling also features on the ground floor, with a level version of LIVA in the lift areas of all seven upper floors.

This project has succeeded magnificently in creating a place in the heart of Wola where past, present and future converge.

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