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Castle Towers Shopping Centre [AU]

Castle Towers Shopping Centre

Photos: © Network Architectural
Castle Towers Shopping Centre [AU]
January 2020
The Buchan Group

Special Version of LIVA metal open-cell ceiling
Aluminium 2.0 mm, louvre width: 100 mm, louvre height: 150 mm – 350 mm, step 150 mm, colour: powder-coated in eight different pastel colours and an imitation wood finish [2500 m²]

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The transformation of a shopping mall: To reflect the changing needs of society, the Castle Towers Shopping Centre in the Australian town of Castle Hill, built almost 40 years ago, is undergoing a gradual programme of conversion. The objective of this shopping mall, located about 30 kilometres to the North West of Sydney, is to bring together the best that the Fashion, Food, Home and Lifestyle sectors have to offer, and to provide visitors with a very special kind of shopping experience.

Earlier this year, the first phase of construction was completed, and durlum supplied an individual and appropriate ceiling solution.

The blade louvres of the LIVA open-cell ceiling are arranged at right angles to one another, creating a ceiling that radiates a uniquely light and airy atmosphere. The outer areas have an imitation wood finish, creating a soft and dynamic transition to the centrally located lounge area. Here, the blades were powder-coated in eight different pastel shades with each of the coloured elements positioned to create a harmonious blend of complementary accents.

A shopping centre that, with the completion of the first phase of construction, demonstrates impressively that it has an answer to the evolving needs of its visitors – a result that is well worth a closer look.

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