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Central library in KAP 1, Düsseldorf [DE]

Central library in KAP 1, Düsseldorf

PHOTOS: Marcus Pietrek
Central library in KAP 1, Düsseldorf [DE]
November 2021
Schrammel Architekten Stadtplaner PartGmbB & RKW Architektur + [ Düsseldorf ]
Lighting Planner

Rectangular metal panels with torsion springs as a special version of S4.7 K-TS
0.96 mm thickness of aluminium [DUROPLAN A], dimension [L x W] 1396 x 353 mm [approx. 400 m²]

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More than 135 years of history, always changing with the times: The municipal libraries in Düsseldorf can look back over an eventful time. At the end of last year, to reflect changing requirements, the central library in the KAP 1 cultural centre opened its doors on Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1.

Located directly in front of the railway station, this library extends across two floors with a total surface area of about 8000 m², attracting visitors young and old to browse, learn and linger.

The ceiling design for the rectangular vestibule area presented a particular challenge to the renovation of this former postal service site. This called for a product that delivered precisely fitting angles while also bringing sufficient daylight into the library. An optimum daylight solution was provided by durlum.

Made of highly reflective aluminium, these visually prestigious panels direct daylight effectively into the interior, contributing to the feel-good factor for visitors. The easy-to-install sprung system can either present a seamless appearance without joints, or can provide contrasting accentuation with visible joints. It was therefore possible to highlight this uniform ceiling pattern with joints 13 mm in width for light integration. There are also no obstacles to any revision work that may be required. The panels are quick and easy to swivel downwards and remove. Here, the position of individual elements is defined by the indexed mounting.

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