Project of the month September 2014
Control centre BVG, Berlin Lichtenberg [DE]
Photos: Anastasia Hermann
Control centre BVG, Berlin Lichtenberg [DE]
Summer 2014
Concept: Maurer + Partner AG | Heimenschwand [CH] Planning: Ascia GmbH | Berlin [DE]

DOMUS® curved ceiling 
Curved ceiling elements in module sizes 2070 x 590 mm [89 pieces] and 1940 x 590 mm [117 pieces]; in RAL 9010 matt, with RG-L15 perforation and padded with black acoustic fleece; 10 mm joint [approx. 300 m2] between the individual DOMUS® elements 

S4/FS4.2 Lay-on/hook-on system
Rectangular metal panels in various dimensions; in RAL 9010 matt, with RG-L15 perforation and circumferential plain border of 10 mm and padded with black acoustic fleece [approx. 60 m2]

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An open feeling of space, pleasant acoustics, ergonomic workplaces and a comfortable climate. All of them important aspects which had to be taken into account in the restoration of the central control room of the Berlin Public Transport System (BVG) in Berlin Lichtenberg. This is where thousands of traffic information data sets for the entire Berlin bus and tram system come together every 24 hours. In addition, the low supporting beams in the bare ceiling of the building had to be taken into account during restoration of the building.

To give an open spatial feeling under these conditions, the Swiss architects Maurer+Partner AG created a ceiling concept in the shape of a sinus wave. Using concave-convex DOMUS® curved ceiling elements by durlum, the remarkable design was implemented and the functional requirements of the room were met.

The highest point of the DOMUS® curved ceiling was defined by the induction ventilation. This provides full ventilation of the 300m²-sized room. The lowest point is defined by the media channels, positioned behind the ceiling elements. The white, metal sinus curves fit seamlessly between the supports and the ventilation shafts. Padded with fleece and perforated, the curved elements provide every workplace with pleasant acoustics. In case of emergencies they also allow fast and easy communication across all workplaces. Tension-free and interlocking, the curved ceiling elements are hinged to the suspension or positioned on a C-channel system. This allows disassembly without requiring tools as well as access to the media channels at any point. The ceiling elements are backed with a sickle along the longitudinal edge. This guarantees the remarkable shape of the sinus curve long-term.

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