Project of the month May 2018
durlum GmbH, Schopfheim [DE]
Photos: © Thomas Krauss
durlum GmbH, Schopfheim [DE]
April 2018
Thomas Krauss | durlum GmbH

Aesthetic ceiling lighting combination comprising:

Custom-built trapezoidal metal panels, 0.7 mm steel, anodized, galvanized; perforated in Pico Point; powder-coated in RAL 9016 and durlum green; backed with black fabric [102 m²]
PUNTEO®-N LED minimal luminaires; each set arranged in consecutive modular groups of five; light colour 4000K; DALI dimmable; wide angle [135 units]

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May 2018: The time has come when we can introduce you to our company's head office as the Project of the Month. Over the last few years, we have unveiled a series visually attractive and impressive projects from many countries around the world, and now it is our own turn. To commemorate our fiftieth anniversary, one of the things we have done is to renovate some of our premises, and their new ceiling lighting combinations are representative of our vision, which is to provide solutions that make you feel at home.

The renovated premises comprise an area extending across a vestibule and an encounter area which can be sub-divided into smaller meeting rooms by means of movable partition walls. The existing architecture features some curved walls, and technical building services were accommodated in a visually very appealing way in the attractive new ceiling lighting combinations. Custom-built trapezoidal metal panels extend in a radiant manner from the centre point of each storey right across the ceiling surface area. The bright, neutral white combines skilfully with the accentuating green company colour.

In the shadow gaps between the metal ceiling panels, PUNTEO®-N LED minimal luminaires are installed. When switched off, they are not visible and blend elegantly into the background. When activated, PUNTEO®-N minimal luminaires depict a vast array of different lighting scenarios. This ensures that appropriate ambient lighting is provided for presentations, meetings or discrete background lighting.

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