Project of the month June 2014
Educational institute of the trade association Augsburg, Augustburg [DE]

Educational institute of the trade association Augsburg

Photos: Julia Schambeck
Educational institute of the trade association Augsburg, Augustburg [DE]
Spring 2014
Schrammel Architekten | Augsburg [DE]
Lighting Planner
Bartenbach GmbH | Aldrans [AT]

Light trumpets
designed as equilateral triangle with the dimensions 2 430 x 2 430 x 2 430 mm;  height 2 690 mm; roller blind as anti-dazzle device with 75% transmission factor [2 pieces]; including 3 PUNTEO®-J80 LED downlights

Light pipe
diameter 1 000 mm; height 1 300 mm [5 units] 

Ceiling-lightin integration: POLYLAM® with PUNTEO®-N

POLYLAM® Vertical baffle
50 x 2 996 x 200 mm [W x L x H];  in four special colours; unperforated and with RD-L30 perforation; including glass wool in PE film [138 rm]

PUNTEO®-N LED-Downlight
11 modules with 5 LED spots each of 1.6 W integrated into 5 POLYLAM® vertical baffles [275 LED spots]

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By consequent application of durlum daylight products in the local educational institute of the trade association ETEM, the Augsburg-based architects office Schrammel succeeded in creating a location with perfect learning conditions and a high level of visual comfort.

Two triangular light trumpets specially designed by durlum allow daylight to enter the seminar rooms from above. The unusual shape of the light trumpets reflects the shape of two pyramids on the roof, through which daylight is passed in from the outside. The two highly reflecting skylights also allow the rear sections of the eight metre deep seminar rooms to be illuminated with daylight. They complement the single-sided window front and ensure that the training and seminar attendees have sufficient daylight throughout the entire room for learning and working.

On the north side of the building, five durlum LIGHT PIPES installed in the ceiling also transform the long connecting hall to the cafeteria into a bright, daylight-flooded location. Fresnel fade-out blades at the upper end of the LIGHT PIPES ensure even illumination and make the corridors a pleasant place for breaks.

At the entrance to the educational institute, the architects also focused entirely on the comfort aspects for the visitors. Using effective acoustic POLYLAM® vertical blades by durlum in the colours lime green, orange, pumpkin and apple green, the architects created a special effect. PUNTEO®-N light spots integrated into the blades create the right lighting atmosphere and offer visitors a pleasant reception to the educational institute.

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