Project of the month April 2022
Felix Platter-Spital, Basel [CH]

Felix Platter-Spital, Basel

PHOTOS: © Thomas Krauss
Felix Platter-Spital, Basel [CH]
Wörner Traxler Richter / Frankfurt a.M.

Broadband absorber; size: 160 x 160mm x 800mm [W x H x L]; colour: powder-coated in graphite black similar to RAL 9011; perforation: RV-L6, free cross-section: 25 %; filling: mineral wool in PE bags; acoustic absorption: αw = 0.7 [190 pieces]

Round ceiling element made of anodised steel with a cross-member on the back for suspension with an M8 threaded rod; diameter: 892mm; height: 600mm; colour: powder-coated; perforation: RD-L30, free cross-section: 22% [244 pieces]

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Healing Architecture – this is the motto that characterises the light-permeated new-build at the Felix Platter University for Geriatric Medicine that opened its doors back in 2019. It is based on the physical, cognitive and psychological needs of patients while also assuring optimum procedural organisation.

Leisure rooms for the staff of about 800 form part of a working environment in which they feel comfortable. The perforated circular TOMEO-R ceiling elements in the staff canteen create a pleasing visual and acoustic atmosphere and invite people to spend a while. Our dur-SONIC CUBE broadband absorber is installed as a supplementary acoustic element. The individual absorber elements blend inconspicuously into the ceiling structure and enhance the feel-good atmosphere of this futuristic architecture.

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