Project of the month April 2018
Grosspeter Tower, Basle [CH]
Photos: © PSP Swiss Property
Grosspeter Tower, Basle [CH]
January 2018
Burckhardt & Partner AG

Ceiling - lighting combinations comprising:

Custom-built rectangular metal panels, trapezoid-shaped 1.0 mm aluminium; with a pattern of three different hole sizes; powder-coated in RAL similar to 9010 [265 m²]
LED suspended luminaire downlight 180 mm diameter; 200 mm height; light colour 4000K; wide-beam [85 pieces]
TANGENTA Q17 in a special version for indirect lighting; length of luminaire 600 mm; light colour 4000K [160 pieces]

as well as

Metal open cell ceiling TICELL®-N cell dimension 33.64 mm; height: 40 mm; light bronze powder-coated in DURA XAL Classic 32 [approx. 480 m²]
LUMEO®-R surface-mounted luminaires 600 mm diameter; direct beam; housing with black powder-coating similar to RAL 9011; light colour 3000K [92 pieces]

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Modern architecture, based on advanced energy – that is what the newly constructed high-rise building the Grosspeter Tower stands for, located on the eastern outskirts of the Swiss city of Basle. This building is 78 metres in height and features a photovoltaic system incorporated in its 6000 m² facade. Extensive rental units characterised by generous room layouts and flexible floor plans are the hallmarks of this exceptionally modern concept. The ceiling lighting combinations made by durlum blend seamlessly into this aesthetic and superlatively well-lit architecture. Visitors enter the Grosspeter Tower via the lobby, where they are welcomed by a gleaming white reception area. The ceiling lighting combination, comprising trapezoidal rectangular metal panels with concealed luminaires radiates welcoming light to all who enter the building. The direct lighting from the LED downlights that radiate down from their round apertures in the ceiling panels are complemented perfectly by TANGENTA® Q17 linear lighting concealed in the ceiling cavity, and that dispense indirect lighting. The lift lobby areas on all 23 floors share the same luxurious and eye-catching feature – the TICELL®-N light bronze powder-coated metal open cell ceiling. This high-quality single blade louvre ceiling creates a lightweight and transparent impression while also providing an attractive contrast to the black marble wall panels. The surface of the aluminium louvers is textured in a way that reflects the flow of light from the LUMEO®-R surface-mounted luminaires they conceal, and this optimises the way each room is illuminated.

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