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Lincoln Avenue, South Bronx, New York [US]

Lincoln Avenue, South Bronx, New York

Photos: Ray Cavicchio
Lincoln Avenue, South Bronx, New York [US]
November 2022
Hill West Architects

GEO open-cell ceiling

Aluminium; web width: 15 mm; cell height: 77 mm; cell size: 200 x 200 mm; pre-coated in RAL 9011 [approx. 626 sqm]

LOOP type 3

1.0 mm thickness of steel plate; module size: 956 x 1,115 mm; powder-coated in green [approx. 56 sqm]

S7 KS rail channel system for LOOP

Dimensions: 956 x 1,115.4 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9011; perforation: RD-L30 [approx. 53 sqm]

Special version of LOOP type 3 in the elevator area

Bespoke LOOP panels; powder-coated in RAL 9011 [12 elevators]


0.6 mm thick galvanised steel plate; various lengths between 600 mm and 3,657.6 mm; powder-coated in green [approx. 638 lm]


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For many years, the notion of having affordable housing opportunities in a peaceful and safe environment in the heart of the Bronx district of Mott Haven in New York would have been unimaginable. 'Lincoln at Bankside', as part of the larger Bankside project, is intended to revive this area of the Bronx district and to make it more attractive. This development comprises modern residential properties with appealing facilities such as fitness centres, community areas and attractively landscaped grounds.


The timeless metal ceiling GEO in the lobby of this new residence with its grid pattern of large open cells serves to emphasise the expansive nature of this space, creating an inviting atmosphere. In the garden lobby of the upper floor, the linear POLYLAM vertical baffle system complements the natural atmosphere of the environment and invites people to linger and appreciate the proliferation of plants throughout the inner atrium.


This connection to the natural world also extends into the upper floors. Powder-coated in green, the LOOP design ceiling reflects this natural theme, creating a visually and acoustically pleasing atmosphere. Consequently, the Lincoln Avenue residence, through its synthesis of tranquility and a bond with the natural world, successfully creates a calm and restorative space within the vibrant metropolis of New York.

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