Project of the month February 2023
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich [DE]

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich

PHOTOS: Ines Jenewein / Kai Otto Architekten
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich [DE]
Autumn 2022
Girnghuber Wolfrum Architekten
Lighting Planner
Ingo Maurer GmbH

POLYLAM vertical baffle system
0.6 mm thickness of galvanised sheet steel; dimension [L x W x H]: 2710 x 63 x 300 mm; perforated in RV-L6; powder-coated in RAL 9003; backed with white fleece and mineral wool [1500 m²] and dur-SONIC CUBE installed in the ceiling cavity for acoustic support [1200 units]

Luminaire housing
2.5 mm thick aluminium; dimension [L x W x H]: 2000 x 230 x 190 mm; outer surface powder-coated in RAL 9003, inner surface powder-coated in RAL 9003, 5002, 1021 [250 units]

TANGENTA special version of LED linear lighting
Light distribution: 2 x 45°; cover: micro prism structure; light colour: 4000 K; CRI >90; dimension [L x W x H]: 1975 x 49 x 30 mm [250 units]

STARLAM linear open-cell ceiling indoors and outdoors
Material: aluminium; baffle width: 9 mm, baffle height: 40 mm, for mats: 1200 x 620 mm and 1290 x 620 mm; colour: black [1000 m²]

PUNTEO-J60 as LED downlights and wallwashers
LED recessed downlight; light colour: 4000 K; CRI >90; diameter: 40 mm; installation height: 80 mm [169 units]

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With its 18 faculties, the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität [LMU] in Munich is a leading international university and teaches its more than 50,000 students in multiple disciplines. The main refectory, the Hauptmensa, on Leopoldstrasse in Schwabing, underwent an elaborate renovation process.

The POLYLAM vertical baffle system blends in a futuristic manner into the minimalist design of interior spaces. The individual baffles are perforated and backed with fleece and mineral wool, counteracting the acoustically hard surfaces of floors and walls. In addition, dur-SONIC CUBE broadband absorbers are installed in the ceiling cavity. This substantially improves the acoustics in the 1500-seater refectory. Luminaire housings with integrated TANGENTA linear lighting are located above the baffles. These recessed luminaires are rated for 4000 K. The powder-coated housings in three different colours create an exciting interplay of colours that creates a unity with the existing art objects.

Another part of the refectory is accentuated by the STARLAM linear open-cell ceiling. Integrated PUNTEO-J60, designed as downlights and wallwashers, round off the ceiling-lighting combination.

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