Project of the month May 2015
Mercedes Casino, Freiburg [DE]
Photos: Rainer Keser
Mercedes Casino, Freiburg [DE]
Winter 2014
Interior designer
Becherer Möbelwerkstätten Innenausbau GmbH, Elzach [DE]

Linear ceiling-lighting combination:

POLYLAM® vertical baffles
in various lengths and heights, from 1.067 – 2.065 × 63 × 280 – 190 mm [L × W × H], in white RAL 9016 matt powder-coated, perforation pattern: RV-L6 perforation, backed with mineral wool in PE bags [approx. 310 linear metres]

OMEGA 60 LED lighting channel with opal cover, light colour: 3000K; Dali dimmer, integrated in POLYLAM® vertical baffles [ca. 50,5 lfm]

LUMEO®-R integrated in dur-SOLO® raft ceiling
Round LUMEO®-R light areas with a diameter of 600 mm integrated in dur-SOLO® raft ceiling made of 1mm steel, in the colours signal red [similar to RAL 3001], signal blue [similar to RAL 5005] and signal yellow [similar to RAL 1003], polished design [3 pieces]

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Meals at lunchtime, presentations and works meetings during the afternoon, and events for customers in the evening. All in one room. This is now reality in the Mercedes Benz casino in Freiburg thanks to a new spatial concept. The modern durlum ceiling-lighting solutions selected by the room designers, combine the necessary acoustic comfort and optimal illumination for every situation.

The POLYLAM® vertical baffle system lends the generously dimensioned room structure and a new design at the same time. Adapted to the curvature and existing ventilation of the room, this required different baffle lengths, all of which were supplied to fit exactly. The ceiling opens up in direction of the window facade and thus retains its linear character over the entire width of the room. Acoustic calculations conducted by durlum during the preliminary stages defined the necessary absorption areas to give precise distances between the baffles. To meet the high acoustic demands of the room, the planners decided to back the perforated vertical baffles with mineral wool in addition. This gives employees and guests a room which offers both recreation and relaxation, as well as being conducive to discussions between colleagues and customers. The OMEGA 60 lighting lines integrated directly into the baffles, provide visual comfort without interfering with the linear optics of the ceiling. The latest LED technology and the opal covers of the lighting lines create perfect lighting for every occasion.

Special touches of colour are added to the bright room with three raft ceilings integrated into the POLYLAM® vertical baffle ceiling. The round LUMEO® illuminated surfaces integrated in the gaudy raft ceilings provide additional sources of lighting for special events and round off the new ceiling-lighting concept.

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