Project of the month July 2018
Merck Innovation Center
Photos: HGEsch Photography
Merck Innovation Center
December 2017
Henn Architekten Berlin
General Contractor
Merck KGaA

LOOP® design ceiling made of a 1.0mm thickness of galvanized steel plate; designed as a TYPE 3 magnet system, module size 1340 x 1005 mm; powder-coated in similar finish to RAL 9016 matt, hole pattern RV 60 [3000m²]

S7 rectangular metal panels partially designed as a heating and chilled ceiling made of a 1.0 mm thickness of galvanized steel plate; dimensions: 1340x995 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9011; perforated right through in RD-L30 [3000m²]

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Inquisitiveness coupled with future-oriented thought and action – for the last 350 years. Right on time for the anniversary celebration, the Merck science and technology company introduced this new Innovation Center at its head office location in Darmstadt.

Even the look of the exterior of this Innovation Center, built within a period of just two years, is a real head-turner. The architecture of the interior is also deeply impressive. Inspired by the fourleafed clover, a modern interior is complemented by curved, flowing shapes. The storeys of this new structure are open-plan, enhancing the dynamic scope for communication within it. The LOOP® design ceiling from durlum is an integral component of this modern and progressive space concept.

With round apertures as its hallmark feature, this design ceiling blends harmoniously into the interior design, communicating an endless and almost floating impression. This visual impression is further enhanced by the fact that these openings are recessed by 5 mm, creating a threedimensional look for this system. By means of magnets and retaining cables from the sub-ceiling, the organic shapes of LOOP® fit superlatively into this open concept, skilfully staging the unusual room geometry.

The sub-ceiling comprises rectangular metal panels, designed primarily as a chilled and/or heating ceiling. This adds to the feel-good character of the building. An all-round success of a concept in which function and design are combined to great effect.

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