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Multi-generation home "Pfauen" Bad Zurzach [CH]

Multi-generation home "Pfauen" Bad Zurzach

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Multi-generation home "Pfauen" Bad Zurzach [CH]
September 2019
Liechti Graf Zumsteg Architekten AG, Brugg
Lighting Planner

Special open-cell ceiling
1.5 mm thickness of aluminium, dimension: 1249x624 mm; cell dimension: 312x312 mm, web heights: 400 mm and 500 mm; powder-coated in gold-gloss, IGP-DURA®xal-Style 25 4201 [124 m²]

QUADRA metal open-cell ceiling
0.6 mm thickness of aluminium, dimension: 1250x625 mm; cell dimension: 62x62 mm; web height: 50 mm; powder-coated in NCS S 7005-Y20R [1070 m²]

PUNTEO-Q50 in gold ceiling and QUADRA
L x W x H: 50x50x54 mm; light colour: 3000 K [259 units]

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A special kind of multi-generation home: to meet the rising demand for care places, the municipality of Bad Zurzach has collaborated with the Emil Burkhardt Foundation in the Swiss canton of Aargau to create a new home for its senior citizens. Known as the "Pfauen", this is a place where the focus is on the individual human needs of each resident.

This generational house is home to people in need of care, and is also home to a child daycare centre, it meets every wish for a modern care institution and it provides its residents with comfort, a sense of well-being and of safety. The general public is also welcome here, in the in-house bistro – making the "Pfauen" into an encounter venue for young and old. durlum supplied the optimum ceiling-lighting solution for this ultra-modern structure.

The entrance and recreation area is imbued with a stylish atmosphere by a special open-cell ceiling. Arranged at right angles to one another, the gold-coloured powder-coated leaf like panels create a sense of refinement and dynamism in this interior space.

The adjacent QUADRA single blade open-cell ceiling in the corridors blends into the concept with playful ease.

PUNTEO-Q50 lighting was integrated into both open-cell ceilings. Designed to cast light at different angles, these spot lights provide homogeneous illumination while the luminaires themselves appear to vanish stylishly into the cell structure.

The "Pfauen" is a unique encounter venue for people of different ages, and it provides a space for exchange and sociable interaction.

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