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Museum at the Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Museum at the Gateway Arch, St. Louis

Photos: Sam Fentress
Museum at the Gateway Arch, St. Louis
July 2018
James Carpenter Design Associates Inc. & Cooper Robertson & Partner
General Contractor
National Park Services – The Government of the USA

Rectangular metal panels as a specialist solution [similar to S7]
1 mm thick, highly reflecting aluminium; various sizes, lined with lightgrey mat, perforated in L15 [approx. 962 m²]

Linear tube ceiling as a specialist solution
Extruded aluminium tubes [Ø: approx. 76 mm], various dimensions, powder-coated in RAL 9003 [approx. 6,960 linear metres]

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A real eye-catcher, even from a distance: The Gateway Arch, 192 metres high, also known as the 'Gateway to the West'. This impressive arch is the central structure in the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, a monument in St. Louis, in the US federal state of Missouri.

However, this memorial site, one of the country's national monuments, is not just worth a visit above ground level – the impressive Ensemble is complemented by a museum underneath the Gateway Arch. A complex ceiling solution from durlum is a striking feature of the recently added entrance foyer. Built as a bespoke system, it blends in perfectly with this significant and unique museum, that depicts the entire history of the 19th century in the American West.

The entrance foyer, which can be accessed from the adjacent park, guides visitors into the subterranean museum. Slightly curved and tapering down towards the back, mat-lined rectangular ceiling panels made of highly reflecting aluminium create the suspended ceiling.

Aluminium tubes with a diameter of about 76 mm are suspended from this specialist design of suspended ceiling. The extruded tubes are powder-coated in signal white, and run at right angles to the direction of pedestrian travel.

The light in these tubes is reflected off the suspended ceiling, immersing the entire area in a diffuse natural light.


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