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Novartis Rueil-Malmaison [FR]

Novartis Rueil-Malmaison

Photos: © Sergio GRAZIA photographe
Novartis Rueil-Malmaison [FR]
May 2019
General Contractor
BNP Paribas Immobilier
Jim Clemes Associates

TICELL-N metal open-cell ceiling
Cell dimension: 33 mm, height: 40 mm, strip-painted in white [4300 m²]

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A building of substantial proportions centrally located in a booming business hub: the town of Rueil-Malmaison is located about 14 kilometres West of Paris and is undergoing an impressive process of renewal. Central to this process is the multi-storey head office premises of pharmaceutical corporation Novartis. This building reflects aesthetic and ecological considerations in equal measure.

The ceiling solution supplied by durlum coordinates perfectly with this concept.

Whether in the entrance area, the lounge, workspace, cafeteria or company restaurant – the TICELL-N metal open-cell ceiling creates a unique and fascinating visual impression within the many areas of this building used by Novartis.

Appearing to be plaited or braided, the single-blade grid pattern creates a modern and completely open atmosphere in the many different spaces within this building. The ratio of cell dimension to cell height enables light to permeate this space to optimum effect, greatly enhancing the airy and light character of this newly constructed building.

A building in an ideal location, doing justice to all the requirements governing sustainability and aesthetics, and providing around 5000 employees of Novartis with an optimum working environment in the greater Paris region.

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