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Petroleum Institute Research Center [UAE]

Petroleum Institute Research Center

Photos: © Walid Abo Hamzi [UAE]
Petroleum Institute Research Center [UAE]
November 2016
Jacobs International Abu Dhabi [UAE]
Interior Designer
United Design Abu Dhabi [UAE]

POLYLAM® vertical baffles 3070 x 63mm [LxW]; steel 0,6 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9010; perforation RD-L30; padded with black acoustic fleece [approx. 19.700 lm] some parts are designed as ceiling-lighting combination:
OMEGA 60 lighting channel T5 lights integrated in POLYLAM® with different wattages [918 lm]

S5.2 linear metal ceiling ceiling in junction-point C-channel grid system 1800x600mm [LxW]; steel 1,0 and 0,7mm; powder-coated in RAL 9010; padded with black acoustic fleece [approx. 4240 m2]

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The United Arab Emirates are known worldwide for their rich oil reserves. Hence it is no surprise that the state-owned Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC] is the largest enterprise in this country. The associated Petroleum Institute located in the district SAS Al Nakhl is a university founded by national and international oil companies in 2000. Here prospective engineers gain the knowledge and skills they need for their future work and conduct research on explosive topics related to the oil industry of the country. At the end of 2016, the university building around the petroleum research center was enlarged and there’s where the ceiling-lighting combinations and functional linear metal ceilings from durlum were integrated in a most successful manner.

Functional linear metal ceilings of the type S5.2 were integrated perfectly into the technical environment of the research institute. Thanks to the longitudinal and transversal profiles with junction points, the symmetric ceiling configuration with white powder-coated panels supports a variable room partitioning. Thus, the workplaces can be enlarged or reduced in size, separated or opened depending on the current project and the requirements. Padded with acoustically effective fleece, the metal ceilings encourage a focused working on research projects.

In the laboratories, lecture halls and break rooms, the linear design of the POLYLAM® vertical baffles intensify the spaciousness of the rooms. The OMEGA lighting channels integrated into the baffles blend harmoniously into the ceiling design and create the right lighting atmosphere for working, learning and during the lunch break.

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