Project of the month July 2016
SIKA, Zurich [CH]
Photos: © Rainer Keser [DE]
SIKA, Zurich [CH]
April 2016
IttenBrechbühl, Zurich [CH]

LUMEO®-Q Quadratic Illuminated LED Surface;700x700x70 mm [LxWxH], light colour 4000K ; in RAL 9010; with thermally conductive mounting panel [669 units] 

dur-SOLO® ACTIVE raft ceilings in aluminium, thickness = 1 mm; 700x700x70 mm [LxWxH]; perforation L30; powder-coated in RAL 9010; back with black woven fibre [2048 units] 

LUMEO®-R pendant luminaire; in diameters 300, 600, 900 and 1200 mm; height 82 -95 mm; light colour 4000 K; light distribution 2x60° wide-beam illumination [a total of 169 units] 

TOMEO®-R ceiling element, galvanised stainless steel; in diameters of 300, 600, 900 and 1200 mm; height 60 mm; suspended from cables; partially with ventilation perforation L15; clad with mineral wool [774 units]

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Industrial design meets ingenious energy concept – that would be the most apposite way of describing the latest building constructed by SIKA, the Zurich-based manufacturer of construction chemicals and adhesives. The building, located in the corporate sector of Zurich’s Alstetten district, houses laboratories, offices and an employee restaurant, affording an appealing view of the river Limmat. To implement the futuristic and innovative design of this office block, the architects from IttenBrechbühl also employed durlum lighting and ceiling elements.

Modern fair-faced concrete, symmetrical lines and a restrained colour palette characterise the design of the first four floors. This clear, straight-lined style contrasts interestingly with dur-SOLO ACTIVE® raft ceilings and LUMEO®-Q illuminated LED surfaces: symmetrically arranged but arranged to provide an intriguing counterpoint, these imbue the open-plan offices with creative flair. Then, to create a homogeneous and unifying impression, the quadratic lighting surface were adapted precisely to the size of the raft ceilings. Raft ceilings and quadratic lighting surfaces both contrive to deliver a pleasant room climate. The thermally conductive properties of LUMEO®-Q illuminated LED surfaces make them into pioneers of modern lighting technology.

In contrast to the lower floors of the building, the fifth floor is predominantly defined in green tones and rounded shapes. The ceiling-lighting combinations suspended at different heights and comprising LUMEO®-R pendant luminaires and TOMEO®-R ceiling-mounted elements create a very organic and atmospheric effect by virtue of their different diameters. Equipped with ventilation perforations and backed with mineral insulation wool, TOMEO®-R elements are not just visually stunning, they also deliver great energy. There are almost 1000 individual elements, creating an artistic, open ceiling look. This contrasts skilfully with the black ceiling background, and invites employees to relax and enjoy themselves over a light bite.

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