Project of the month February 2017
Skiservice Lech, Lech [AT]
Photos: © Julia Schambeck | Strolz [DE]
Skiservice Lech, Lech [AT]
November 2016
Kitzmüller Architektur ZT GmbH [AT]
Lighting Planner
Bartenbach GMBH | ALDRANS [AT]

Reflecting wall and ceiling panels as well as cable systems with reflector elements as daylight lighting systems. 
Material: Duroplan A060; in various formats and versions [12 units]

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One of the most popular winter sports is skiing. You can purchase all the accessories you need for this at the new sports equipment store of the renowned manufacturer Strolz in Lech (Austria). In a luxuriously modern while at the same time vintage atmosphere, this building, which from the outside resembles an Alpine chalet, features displays of skis and snowboards as well as the complementary accessories across several floors. The stairwell access, located in the heart of the building, features a durlum daylight lighting system that delivers a very special kind of ambient lighting and powerful radiation.

Mirror-reflective elements amplify the radiant, light-filled lighting experience. Like an icicle, the taper of ultra-reflective metal surfaces presides over the daylight rotunda. The reflected light that congregates here is then reflected off the annular, diamond-finish panels of the ceiling aperture. These panels comprise triangular mirror elements arranged around a defined structure that harmonises perfectly with the suspended decorative elements of the artificial lighting. Reminiscent of ice crystals, they round off the ceiling aperture, measuring three metres in diameter, in a truly aesthetic manner.

This special version of the daylight lighting system with reflector elements, the big icicle and the rotunda is designed to direct daylight right down to the sub-basement level. Depending on the desired lighting mood and time of day, these reflective components can spread a natural and pleasing atmosphere that motivates visitors to engage in winter sports.

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