Project of the month September 2013
Sportforum Chemnitz, Chemnitz [DE]
Photos: Mirko Hertel Fotografie | Stollberg [D]
Sportforum Chemnitz, Chemnitz [DE]
August 2013
Planning office Veit Bullmann | Chemnitz [DE]

S7-RHOMBOS expanded metal ceiling
ballproof tested according to DIN 18032-3, class 1A; size of panel: 1993 × 985 mm; material: 3 mm thick black plate; open area: 68 %; mesh: 62 × 25 × 4 × 3; with welded frame; surface: powder-coated in RAL 9010 matt [ca. 1300 m2]

for the luminaire

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The Sportforum Chemnitz is a sports complex with a chequered history and a long tradition. It’s located in the district Bernsdorf. The complex was founded in 1926. It includes the main stadium with a velodrome and various hard courts and artificial turf fields. The building has an indoor pool with artificial current canal and several sports halls for various disciplines. The professional training possibilities are used by amateur athletes and the professional sportsmen of the Olympic team’s training camp and the Chemnitzer FC.

The substructure of the existing metal ceiling in the hall for ball sports was old and unstable. This safety was no longer guaranteed and the construction was technically invalid. There was a need for action. The extensive renovation work was planned by the planning office Veit Bullmann. A robust, low-maintenance, long-lasting metal ceiling was required.

durlum delivered S7-RHOMBOS, a expanded metal ceiling system that meets all requirements. The existing lighting of the hall was integrated into the new ceiling. To protect the luminaires special safety guards [3mm thick] were lasered. To improve the acoustics and reduce the reverberation time the ceiling panels were backed with black acoustic fleece and 50mm thick laminated mineral wool.

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