Project of the month January 2014
St. Hedwig chapel, Königsbrunn [DE]
Photos: Julia Schambeck, Munich [DE]
St. Hedwig chapel, Königsbrunn [DE]
Winter 2013
Schrammel Architekten | Augsburg [DE]

Lighting guidance element
Substructure: aluminium profiles, 40 x 40 mm; reflecting elements: 300 equal-sided triangles, thickness 0.5 mm, made of highly reflective DUROPLAN A060, arranged as hexagons with a centric high point. Outer cladding and lower-sided cladding in RAL 9006

LED-lighting luminaires
4 LED light lines with 7 circuit boards each, containing 5 LED points 3000/4000 K, 3 W, 700 mA, DALI light control

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The new chapel of the Caritas Old Peoples Home in Königsbrunn, Bavaria, is aglow in new daylight and has become a popular attraction well beyond the old peoples home. The heart of the modern, puristically designed interior is a light guidance element designed by durlum in conjunction with the Bartenbach LichtLabor, resplendent with light effects during the day and a peaceful atmosphere during the night.

This small jewel was conceived and designed by the Schrammel architects in Augsburg. The trumpet-shaped light guidance element is positioned in the centre of the square inner space directly above the altar. It distributes the incoming daylight effectively throughout the interior and creates light effects on floors and walls during sunlight. This makes the interior come alive and is lighted up uniformly. At night and on days with little sunshine, LED lighting can be switched on additionally to provide a peaceful atmosphere of light.

The special design of the light trumpet is based on a frame construction consisting of screw-connected extruded aluminium profiles. High reflecting light guidance elements are hooked into the sub-construction as interior cladding. The 300 equal-sided triangles are made of pure anodised aluminium. They were grouped to hexagons and arranged at pre-defined angles with high and low points. Circumferentially adjustable LED light lines are positioned in the centre of the light trumpet at the transition of the conical sub and superstructure. These are accessed and controlled via a DALI signal. As a result, the chapel invites visitors to stay day and night.

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