Project of the month August 2023
STREAM, Berlin, [DE]
Photos: HG Esch
STREAM, Berlin, [DE]
March 2022
Gewers Pudewill

LIVA metal open-cell ceiling
Anodised aluminium; blade width: 98 mm, blade heights: 100 mm and 150 mm, pitch: 105 mm [approx. 1,920 m²]

dur-SOLO raft ceiling type 1.1 and in a special version
0.7 mm thickness of galvanised steel plate; various dimensions; powder-coated in RAL 9010; perforated in RG-L15; lined with black acoustic fleece [approx. 1,000 m²]

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Another architectural highlight for the vibrant business scene in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain: the STREAM building, rising to around 97.5 metres, is far more than just another high-rise structure. Instead, the 24 storeys, arranged at offsets to one another, are more akin to a sculpture that blends seamlessly into its unique location in this part of the city. This generously glazed building, part of the Mediaspree investor project, has been leased to the online mail-order company Zalando.

Consisting of pre-coated aluminium, the white blades of the LIVA open-cell ceiling create an airy ceiling look. The blades are 100 and 150 mm in height and are arranged at right angles to one another. They can be folded down and removed in rows.

The dur-SOLO raft ceilings in the offices that offer breathtaking views of the capital city and the famous television tower, depending on the storey, have been manufactured in a range of different dimensions. Perforated with a hole diameter of 2.5 mm and lined with acoustic fleece, these raft ceilings contribute greatly towards pleasant acoustics in these interior spaces.

On completion of STREAM, the well known bank of the river Spree has been extended into an attractive location for work. It provides the approximately 2,500 employees of Zalando with a modern and innovative environment – skilfully supported by these ceiling solutions from durlum.


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