Project of the month May 2014
Subway mezzanine central station Munich, Munich [DE]

Subway mezzanine central station Munich

Photos: Felix Meyer
Subway mezzanine central station Munich, Munich [DE]
Spring 2014
Auer Weber Assoziierte GmbH | Munich [DE]
Lighting Planner
Vogt & Partner | Winterthur [CH]
Light consulting
Bartenbach GmbH | Aldrans [AT]

GEO® double-blade louvre
with a blade profile width of 4 mm, a blade profile height of 42 mm, and a cell size of 75 mm, in RAL 9006 [approx. 4 700 m2], fully accessible for inspection 

integrated into the open-cell ceiling to be used as basic lighting [approx. 4 600 LED spots]

Artificial suns
in stairways [approx. 60 pieces]

LED light wall
in RGB [approx. 132 lm] 

Lighting control system
Intelligent controlling of the light wall, not only depending on the time of day or season, but also depending on the persons regarding frequency and presence.

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An elegant, jointless open-cell ceiling and innovative LED light solutions by durlum, specifically developed for the subway mezzanine at Munich's central station and approved by all parties involved in an exhaustive procedure, make the modernized underground area shine in new splendour. The perfect mise-en-scene of ceiling and light creates an exceptional experience of space and a feel-good atmosphere for the 200.000 daily passengers.

Using street life as the guiding design principle, the Munich architectural office Auer Weber has transformed the subway mezzanine into an area of motion and moved the existing shops to the border of the basement. Bright colours, transparent materials as well as intelligent LED lighting systems make the paths clearly visible and create a new sense of space.

The modernized jointless GEO® double-blade louvre ceiling by durlum forms the basic structure of the subway mezzanine. 4600 PUNTEO®-Q50 LED spots integrated into the open-cell ceiling provide ideal brightness in any area without blinding pedestrians. Artificial suns with automatic light control in stairways allow for a smooth transition from daylight to artificial light. A highlight in the subway mezzanine is the light wall with a length of 132m. Thanks to the intelligent durlum light control, this wall produces different light scenarios, varying depending on the number of people passing and the time of day and creates unique light atmospheres.

The perfect interplay between metal ceiling and modern LED lighting technology combined with durlum light control make the subway mezzanine a real eye-catcher in the city centre of Munich and a showcase in terms of sustainability

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