Project of the month January 2016
Subway stations Little India and Rochor, Singapore [SG]
Photos: © David Phan, Singapore
Subway stations Little India and Rochor, Singapore [SG]
Winter 2015/2016
Architects 61 | Singapore [SG]

Tailor-made ceiling elements with black powder-coated acoustically effective false ceilings in different versions: 

Little India:
Vertical baffles aluminium 2.0 mm; width: 30 mm, height: 250 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9003 [1,000 m2]
Curved vertical baffles in different lengths laid horizontally and vertically; aluminium 2.0 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9003; can be hinged open in the system [4,000 m2

Aluminium panels in different lengths 2.0 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9003; individually perforated [2,000 m2
Vertical baffles aluminium 1.0 mm; width: 30 mm, height: 80 mm; powder-coated in RAL 9003; can be hinged open in the system [800 m2]

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Little India, a district of Singapore sitting in south part of the city, lives from the symbiosis between tradition and modernity, art and technology. The new subway stations Little India and Rochor, that won design awards, combine them skilfully as well. The architects from the practice Architects 61 attached a great importance to not only design functional buildings, but also to use inventive ceiling solutions in order to create above all special worlds of experience.

As soon as the visitors arrive at the underground station of Little India, they are carried away to the Indian textile world: curved vertical baffles developed especially by durlum make a sari with folds stretching over the ceilings and the walls of the station. The powder-coated elements in classical white do not only shape the rooms significantly, they also contribute to the spacious and open atmosphere. Structures like waterfalls evoke the primary form of the Rochor river that still flows today through the district. The baffles have been precisely laser-cut to individual forms and join together to create an extraordinary ceiling construction that overflows discreetly into the ceiling panels. The black perforated false ceiling creates optical contrasts. Equipped with a high-quality noise-absorbing fleece, it contributes to welcome the passengers in a pleasant architectural acoustics.

Rochor is the station following Little India. In contrast to the design of Little India, the configuration of Rochor appears to be more inspired by digital technology. The ceiling panels in aluminium are arranged like conducting paths on a printed circuit board and stretch over the ceilings and the walls of the underground station. The dynamics and the movements of the beaming panels lead the passengers through the corridors to the platforms, where they are welcomed by the straight vertical baffles with their characteristically open design. The blades can be hinged down together with the false ceiling to make maintenance works easier and quicker. At the Rochor station too, the white powder-coated ceiling elements are helped by black acoustically effective false ceiling to absorb the noise and turn a stop in the underground in an everyday experience.

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