Project of the month October 2017
Subway stations Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur [MY]

Subway stations Kuala Lumpur

Photos: © Shee Chan and James Kong
Subway stations Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur [MY]
July 2017
Veritas Architects and NEUformation Architect [ MYS ]

Linear ceilings withS4 suspension/hook system
2.0 mm aluminium panels; various panel sizes; some of them perforated and backed with black fabric; powder-coated in RAL 1035 [approx. 30544 m²]

S4-RHOMBOSexpanded metal ceiling system
1.5 mm thickness of aluminium sheet metal; panel sizes [LxW]: 1050 x 925 mm; Mesh size: 25 × 12 × 2.0 × 1.5 mm; in black, powder-coated; [approx. 2120 m²]

Vertical baffles
made of 1 mm aluminium; width 50 mm, length 2000-3000 mm, height 200 mm; powder-coated in RAL 1035; perforated right through; backed with black fabric [approx. 4843 linear meters]

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About 7 million people live in the greater area of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. To do justice to the ever growing number of passengers, the rail line linking the northern and southern outer districts of this city, with a total of 19 new stations, had its official opening ceremony in July. Primarily the architects based their design of the seven subway stations on this rail line on the geography of the surrounding area. Various metal ceiling systems from durlum enhance an architectural concept that derived its inspiration from its natural surroundings.

As you enter these subway stations, you are met by angular, linear, very sharply pointed shapes and surfaces. The conception of these elements is based on the rocky ridge of Gombak Selangor, located near Kuala Lumpur and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. Diamond-shaped S4 linear panels in various sizes, with jagged ends that create an open ceiling, reflect these craggy cliffs in an impressive manner. In contrast to the beige, powder-coated linear panels, the black of the elongated metal ceilings behind them provides a contrasting counterpoint. The S4-RHOMBOS ceilings are quick and easy to open, thanks to their suspension hook system. This provides access to the lower ceiling when maintenance work is required.

The vertical baffles that run at right angles to the direction of movement of the passengers were powder-coated in grey, just like the linear panels. This is also a visual reference to the famous rock formation.

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