Project of the month June 2015
Swiss Textile Technical School, Zurich [CH]

Swiss Textile Technical School

Photos: Justin Hession
Swiss Textile Technical School, Zurich [CH]
Spring 2015
Meier+ Steinauer Partner AG | Zurich [CH]
Lighting Planner
WSMAG–Walter Salm, Meier & Partner AG | Zürich [CH]
General contractor
Rhomberg Bau AG [CH]

Modern ceiling-lighting combination:

SYSTEM S10 H rectangular metal panels
made of 0.6 mm galvanized sheet steel; Panel dimensions: 1,750 – 3,000 × 397 mm [L × W]; in white RAL 9010 matt; RD-L30 perforation backed with black acoustic fleece [approx. 3000 m2

LUMEO®-C illuminated surface led
built-in luminaires with translucent DUROSATIN; Dimensions: 1,250 × 250 mm [L × W]; light coulour: 4000 K, Dali dimmable; integrated in durlum rectangular metal panels [approx. 250 pcs.] 

LUMEO®-Rilluminated surface led
built-in luminaires with a diameter of 300, 600 and 900 mm: Light colour: 4000 K; Dali dimmable, integrated in durlum rectangular metal panels [approx. 75 pcs.]

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Since the beginning of May 2015, the STF, the Swiss Textile Technical School, offers training and further education as well as interesting discussions on the topics of fashion and textiles in their new premises. As part of core refurbishment, the existing building was adapted to the needs of the textile school. This resulted in modern training and seminar rooms, a textile finishing laboratory and textile studios. A modern and universal ceiling lighting combination provides the premises with the appropriate acoustic and visual comfort.

The basis of the integrated ceiling lighting combination is a timeless, white metal ceiling. Designed as double hook system S10 H, the rectangular metal panels are hooked interlocking and tension-free into the invisible subconstruction along their longitudinal sides. This allows easy disassembly of the symmetrical panels at any time and without requiring tools. Backed with acoustic fleece, the perforated metal ceiling provides the right acoustics in the seminar and common rooms as well as the various studios. Designed specifically for integration into the metal ceilings, rectangular LUMEO®-C illumination surfaces illuminate the rooms of the textile technical school. Integrated into the rectangular metal panels without frames, they create an optical entity lending the room harmony. Equipped with dimmers, the illumination surfaces provide the right lighting effects for every situation. With their small installation height of only 85mm, the built-in LED luminaires match the ceiling perfectly and allow effective use of the low ceiling height. The integrated ceiling lighting solution also enabled complying with the tight installation schedule during refurbishment of the building. With the rectangular metal panels supplied ready-to-plug, the luminaires were connected easily to the supply lines by a single contractor.

In the lobby and library areas as well as the corridors, LUMEO®-R illumination surfaces round off the well-designed ceiling lighting concept of the lecture rooms. As a result, the STF is a symbiosis of sound timeless expert knowledge, practice-orientation and state-of-the-art ceiling lighting solutions.

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