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University library for FHöV, Cologne [GER]

University library for FHöV, Cologne

Photos: ©Andreas Schüring Architekten BDA
University library for FHöV, Cologne [GER]
October 2018
Andreas Schüring Architekten BDA
General Contractor
NRW federal state

TICELL metal open cell ceiling
Cell size 54 mm; height: 40 mm; pre-coated blades in white [700 m²]

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Open, bright and gracefully light: The library at Köln-Deutz University provides its 2500 students a magnificent learning environment. The transitions between the lounge area, the main counter and the learning landscape in the centre, with long desks lining the internal foyer and the study carrel enclosed on three sides by bookshelves in this room with a surface area measuring 700 m² are all fluid and coordinated in a seamless design.

Pre-coated blades in white, the stylish TICELL-N metal open cell ceiling imbues these interior spaces with a transparent and friendly atmosphere. The ideal ratio between cell dimension and cell height enables light to permeate this space to optimum effect. The single blade open cell ceiling is also a visual highlight. Thanks to a special process, the surfaces of the aluminium blades are structured in such a way that their punched edges reflect the flow of light. This creates a unique look.

The curtains that also perform the function of room dividers enable the library to be adapted to suit the individual needs of the students very easily indeed – optimum conditions for successful learning phases.

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