Project of the month June 2013
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam [NL]
Photos: Martijn van den Dobbelsteen, Verwol Projectafbouw B.V.
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam [NL]
Greiner Van Goor Huijten Architecten B.V.

S10 H Double-hook system
metal ceiling system [2100 m2], perforated with RG-L15, 11.25 mm widehole-free margins, RAL-9006-88, with black durlum acoustic fleece

S4 Hook-on metal ceiling system
aluminum, non-perforated with wind protection  [45m2],

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The renovation of the renowned Dutch Van Gogh Museum was successfully completed in 2013. As part of the renovation, the old static metal tiles ceilings had to be replaced with a modern and flexible metal ceiling system to create a perfect environment for showcasing unique works of art. The architects had diverse and complex requirements for the new ceiling system. They were looking for a simple and variable system, that can be maintained without tools and with little effort. On the other hand you should be able to adapt the ceiling and lighting to changing exhibitions.

The metal ceiling system S10 H of durlum met these requirements. Rectangular metal panels made of 0.6mm thick steel were used in the exhibition rooms of the museum. To keep the noise level as low as possible, all panels in the exhibition rooms were perforated with a thin acoustic fleece on the rear.

The outdoor area of the entrance needed a metal ceiling with a joint as narrow as possible. Therefore the ceiling system S4 of durlum was used. The non-perforated panels of the hook-on system consist of 1mm thick and powder-coated aluminium. The ceiling panels are locked in position with a wind protection, that is attached from above to ensure the narrowest joint.

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