Project of the month September 2018
Widenmoos Resort Reitnau, Reitnau [CH]

Widenmoos Resort Reitnau

Photos: Thomas Krauss
Widenmoos Resort Reitnau, Reitnau [CH]
August 2018
Lämmli Architektur
Lighting Planner
Bartenbach Lichtlabor
Interior design
Carbone Interior Design AG

Rectangular METAL PANELS S4.7 K 1.0 mm thick aluminium; LxW: 1492 x 866 mm [trapeze diagonals] + fitting plates at the edge; powdercoated in RAL1035 matt, backed with mat, perforated in L33 [approx.156 m²]
PUNTEO®-N 1x1 Tunable White 2700-5000 K; DALI DALI dimmable; wideangle [223 units] and TANGENTA®-Q17 LED light line  RGBW [W = 4000 K]; DALI dimmable; wide-angle [544 units]

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Shaping the future positively – one of the main concerns of Widenmoos Resort in the Swiss canton of Aargau. From seminars to workshops and even gala evenings – here even the members of the leading business club in German-speaking Switzerland can take to the stage as exclusive hosts.

Other seminar rooms were created to enable this to be a future venue for great figures from politics and business. To attract this social nobility, bespoke and therefore unique ceiling lighting solutions from durlum are in operation.

Powder-coated in pearlescent beige, the S4.7 K metal ceiling system imbues these premises with a stylish atmosphere. The individual trapezoidal elements are backed by cooling coils and acoustic fleece, greatly enhancing the comfort level provided.

At the intersection points of these elements, PUNTEO®-N illuminates these interior spaces. The actual luminaires are not visible. Instead, their light shines through small 10 mm apertures in the support panel that lets the light through by specialist intersecting lenses, assuring an optimum level of glare-free lighting. Produced in Tunable White, the colour temperature can be adapted to suit the occasion and the natural light across a spectrum of 2700 to 5000 Kelvin.

This sense of well-being is further enhanced by more than 500 TANGENTA®-Q17 LED light line. The RGBW version enables all desired colours and colour sequences to be created - Widenmoos Resort can provide the right atmosphere for a vast array of different events!


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