Project of the month July 2013
Würth Haus, Rorschach [CH]
Photos: Thomas Rodowski [HUCO AG]
Würth Haus, Rorschach [CH]
Gigon/Guyer Architects | Zurich [CH]
Lighting Planner
LICHT Zentrale | Nuremberg [DE]

LUMEO® LED – made by HUCO AG
customized luminaires with a extremly flat 70 mm high aluminium frame in seven different lengths from 1.2 × 0.8 m up to 3.3 × 0.8 m and a light colour of 3500 K [volume: approx. 1400 LED luminaires].

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In spring 2013, the new administration and training centre of the Würth AG in Rorschach near the Bodensee was completed. Located in a park on the lakefront of the Bodensee the new five-storey building is completely clad in glass. The building with the project name “play of light” is more than an office and business building. It is a meeting place and for the most part open to the public. Besides working and office space for the staff of the Würth AG the modern building includes: conference rooms, an auditorium, three demo workshops, an company-owned restaurant, a concert hall and the Würth shop. The “Forum Würth” displays the art collection of the Würth family and changing art exhibitions.

When planning the lighting of the four office floors, great emphasis was placed in a homogeneous illumination. Therefore 1400 customized LUMEO® LED luminaires with different lengths were developed by the HUCO AG, our Swiss subsidiary, and produced in cooperation with durlum. The cover of the 70mm flat pendant luminaires is made of translucent DUROSATIN®, a flexible, tearproof material that gives the luminaires their lively character. For a harmonic indirect illumination LED rails were integrated on top of the luminaire housing. Acoustic mats and perforated metal panels make raft ceilings out to the luminaires, providing comfortable room acoustics. The LUMEO® LED luminaires are multifunctional through integrated sprinkler, DALI control gear and KNX motion detectors. This contributes to the sustainability of the facility management.

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