Cooling ceilings – pleasant room climate from above

Metal ceilings are ideal for the integration of light and acoustics and also for the integration of air-conditioning and/or cooling elements. This extends the functional range of metal ceilings to a decisive degree.

COOLTEC cooling ceilings from durlum deliver air-conditioning silently, without drafts and hygienically. The surface temperature of cooling ceilings is achieved by temperature-controlled water that is directed through the system, bringing it to the desired temperature. The closed water circuit prevents any additional build-up of dust or the formation of fungal and bacterial growth. Uniform temperature distribution and the absence of drafts creates optimum temperature comfort. This creates a climate that safeguards the health and well-being of people in the room. 

We offer planners and architects great design latitude through our ability to manufacture our cooling ceilings as vertical baffle ceiling system POLYLAM, as self-contained, suspended metal ceiling, as freely suspended raft ceiling dur-SOLO or as expanded metal ceiling system RHOMBOS in virtually any desired shape. Luminaires, sprinklers, speakers etc. can all be integrated in our cooling ceilings without any problem. In comparison to conventional air-conditioning systems based solely on air, COOLTEC cooling ceilings from durlum cause lower investment, maintenance and operating costs.