To design a room properly for its intended purpose and at the same time to create a comfortable atmosphere with a feel-good factor, as well as lighting and air-conditioning, due attention must also be paid to room acoustics. In rooms such as restaurants or schools where high noise levels can occur, acoustic ceilings can improve room acoustics substantially and enable peace to be restored.

durlum has modern, innovative solutions for areas with different room acoustic requirements and bases the implementation of these on standards such as DIN 18041. A versatile range of metal ceilings from rectangular metal panels to POLYLAM vertical bafflesraft ceilings and LOOP TYPE 3 can be designed as acoustic ceilings. Where special requirements apply to room acoustics our acoustically very effective dur-SOLO raft ceilings can prove to be an effective solution. With dur-SOLO ACTIVE this can even succeed with core-activated concrete ceilings without adversely affecting the heating or cooling performance of the concrete ceiling. Longitudinal acoustically insulated rectangular metal panels prevent noise from being transmitted to neighbouring rooms across a shared ceiling void. 

For open ceilings such as open-cell ceilings, expanded metal ceilings RHOMBOS or LOOP type 2, we have the broadband absorber dur-SONIC CUBE in our program. The absorber can be easily mounted on the existing substructure in the background of the open ceiling. Depending on the covering density, absorption values up to alpha w 0.85 can be achieved.

Our low-frequency absorbers dur-SONIC QUAD (wall- or ceiling-mounted) and POLYLAM dur-SONIC (complementary to the POLYLAM vertical baffle) are particularly suitable for supporting existing absorption surfaces in the room in the range 125-500 Hz. This achieves balanced room acoustics that enable very good communication.

The room acoustics in rooms with metal acoustic ceilings depends primarily on the absorption material of the metal ceiling. Examples of absorbent materials include acoustic fleece, polyester mat, mineral wool or expanded foam. Also, the height of the ceiling void influences the absorption capability of acoustic ceilings. Commonly occurring perforation patterns play a subordinate role in achieving the desired level of absorption.

The dur-GRAPHICS option provides a wide range of surface looks for durlum acoustic ceilings, e.g. wood, graphic design, customer logos etc.

We would be pleased to assist you in finding the right acoustic ceiling with optimised efficiency for your project.

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