Light is one of the main elements that influences our feelings. It emphasises, warms, cools and defines human biorhythms. The optimum use of light is one of durlum's principal aims. Our luminaires and lighting systems skilfully highlight architectural features and provide an appropriate solution for any requirement.

Individual lighting solutions

Do you have an architectural vision and want to bring it to life with a customised lighting solution? For many years we have been using light as a design element, as unique as your architecture. To find the best solution for your wishes and requirements, our design team will support you from the initial idea through the presentation of sample luminaires featuring the latest lighting technology to the completed project.

Depending on your ideas, we adapt standard luminaires from our product portfolio to meet your requirements or develop completely customised lighting solutions.

To achieve optimum lighting comfort and maximum energy savings, we design and implement user-friendly lighting management solutions upon request. Projects such as Terminal 3 at Changi Airport in Singapore and the Grand Egyptian Museum near Cairo speak for themselves.