Customised lighting solutions

durlum implements your architectural vision

The founders of durlum GmbH laid the foundation stone for durlum's success story when they imported the first fluorescent lamps from the USA in 1948 and began to develop luminaires for the new, revolutionary light source at that time. Our enthusiasm for state-of-the-art lighting technology is undiminished and our many years of experience with innovative lighting solutions are reflected in groundbreaking projects such as City Point Kassel which was opened in 2002. durlum implemented complex LED façade lighting with a total of 545 LED units for the shopping centre. Each of the approx. 3.3 m long units can be programmed and controlled via a KNX system and makes the façade shine scenically in approx. 3700 K by the targeted mixing of white and coloured LEDs. It does not sound very spectacular today, but it was a bold step twenty years ago, as white light could be obtained from LEDs only in 1995, just two years before the shopping centre went into planning.

Another milestone was the light redirection system in Terminal 3 of Changi Airport which was completed in 2007. The daylight and artificial lighting system designed by Bartenbach LichtLabor and implemented by durlum is still unique today and welcomes travellers.

Our lighting for the not-yet-opened Grand Egyptian Museum near Cairo is also an expression of our passion for creating unique and inspiring lighting solutions that all have one thing in common: high functionality and emotional added value!

To turn your ideas into light, our experts will support you in every phase of your project:

In close dialogue, we discuss your vision, wishes, ideas, requirements and challenges and develop optimal lighting concepts.

Based on the concept, our team of engineers develops a lighting solution that meets the highest requirements for lighting technology, thermal management, design and economy (energy-efficient, low-maintenance, long-life). In this phase, we make prototypes to validate the luminaires.

Sample luminaires:
After planning and testing the production processes on the basis of a pre-series, we manufacture the pilot series under series conditions.

The subsequent series production of the luminaires takes place in our plants in Bexbach, Schopfheim and Innsbruck and is subject to strict quality controls. Of course, you will receive complete luminaire documentation.

If you wish, we can also provide support during luminaire installation and answer any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.