Project of the month March 2014
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna [AT]

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Photos: Stefan Zenzmaier
Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna [AT]
Winter 2013
BUSarchitektur | Vienna [AT]

Recessed and surface-mounted luminaires with louvre [DALI dimmable] in lecture halls and offices 

Illuminated surfaces
with LED downlights [DALI dimmable] in the assembly hall

PUNTEO®-J80 LED downlights  and LUMEO®-R LED illuminated surfaces
in the refectory

Strip light
with louvre and integrated LED downlights and asymmetrically illuminating LED wall spots in the auditorium

Combination of LED illuminated surfaces and LED downlights in the hallways 

Outdoor lighting

LED light masts

LED in-floor spots
for illuminating trees

LED floor lines
for outdoor furniture

LED lighting strips and TANGENTA®-Y light lines
for wall lighting

HIT façade spots
with high quality specular reflector technology

LED perimeter and handrail luminaires 

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The video for WU campus
The book about WU campus 

After several years of construction, the Vienna University of Economics and Business realised a campus on its 90,000m² large new location with six building complexes and free areas which fulfills the demands for an innovative, sustainable university concept. Customised lighting solutions by durlum are part of this concept which meets the needs of the current 25,000 students and employees.

One of the building complexes is the lecture hall centre in the northeast of the campus. This is where the architect group BUSarchitektur created a lecture and teaching space with flexible, multifunctional lecture halls of different sizes and an auditorium maximum. To meet the lighting requirements of the complex, different dimmable DALI lighting surfaces and LED downlights were installed in the different rooms. This allows setting different lighting to suit events and to support the concentration ability of the students and employees. The refectory is illuminated entirely by LED downlights and suspended LUMEO®-R LED illuminated surfaces and thus creates an oasis of tranquility where the atmospheric illumination invites persons to exchange ideas and rest. Numerous other types of luminaires round off the multi-faceted lighting solutions of the complex.

Outdoors, among other things, stairs and floor lighting and façade spots were installed. durlum's lighting solutions for the open spaces of the campus support the quality of the outdoor area as a meeting place and a place to relax. Pleasant colour temperatures of the light and the avoidance of dark areas promote the well-being and provide security. Simultaneously, the illumination guarantees a quick and easy orientation.

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